How to Get $150 off Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life Las Vegas Tickets (Updated for 2019)


The Secret Way to Score Discounts on Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas

Recently the Backstreet Boys extended their Las Vegas residency for their show the Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life Las Vegas.

There are very few ways to get tickets to the exclusive Las Vegas residency.

You can purchase them on Ticketmaster, you can try your luck buying tickets from eBay or Craigslist (which is full of fake tickets, so buyer beware!) or you can purchase them directly from the box office at the axis theater located in the Planet Hollywood where the show takes place.

Another option is vegas.com, the largest website dedicated to selling Las Vegas based entertainment hotel rooms and travel packages.


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Where are the Discounts?

If you’re looking for a discount on these tickets however, be prepared to be disappointed.

Unfortunately, like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears before them who also performed in the same venue, the Backstreet Boys do not discount tickets. In fact most of the time these tickets are in incredible demand and very hard to get. You must purchase tickets at least a day or two in advance in order to get seats.

As a matter of fact, the only kind of shows in Las Vegas that give serious discounts are ones that cannot really sell all of the seats in the theater.

You can always get discounts to shows that DON’T sell well

This is why there are so many smaller shows that are so cheap in Las Vegas, while large shows like Cirque du Soleil and Headliners like Celine Dion the Backstreet Boys and Jerry Seinfeld always command a high ticket price.

But here in Vegas for free now.com we just can’t let that stand.

The secret way to get big discounts on Backstreet Boys tickets in Las Vegas

The name of this website is vegasforfreenow.com and we would be irresponsible if we didn’t work our hardest to get you discounts on all shows, including Headliners like the Backstreet Boys. That’s why we have a special deal for anybody who can qualify and attend a brief timeshare tour here in Las Vegas.

This offer is simple. It only requires you to show up in Las Vegas, check out a timeshare tour, and pick up $150 worth of free comps to be used on vegas.com towards anything you like.

It’s as easy as checking out a world-class resort with an amazing Resort company for an hour and a half, I’m getting $100 I can stop, gift card as well as a $50 Visa gift card for your time.

3 Simple Steps to $150 in Savings

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Brag to Your Friends (you deserve it)

Instant Savings of $150 on Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life Las Vegas

That is an instant $150 savings on your Las Vegas trip, which certainly goes to help the money you spent purchasing Backstreet Boys tickets.

Through vegas.com you can purchase shows, attractions, dining, like buffets, even hotel rooms as well as nightclub passes can be purchased with your free $100 voucher for vegas.com.

You can choose to wait until you’re here to purchase your Backstreet Boys tickets, or book them in advance using our exclusive link for an exclusive discount and then use your vegas.com gift card to pay for the rest of the things you do while here in Vegas on your trip.

*Your $150 gift cards will be in the form of one (1) $100 vegas.com voucher and one $50.00 visa gift card. Vegas.com cards must be redeemed on vegas.com and cannot be redeemed for cash. Your Visa gift card is valiue anywhere across the United States where visa is excepted.

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