Are Vegas Timeshare Tours Worth Attending

Are Vegas Timeshare Tours Worth Attending

Are Las Vegas timeshare tours worth attending? Every day in Las Vegas there are promoters working to show off new resorts to tourists that are not aware of their options. These marketers however are not promoting well-known names like Caesars Palace, Bellagio, and the Luxor. They are instead promoting timeshare resorts, and in many cases they are paying big money and valuable comp packages in return for time attending the timeshare presentation. But, are Vegas timeshare tours worth attending? Do you really get paid fair to see a resort for what can be between 90 minutes and two hours?TIMESHARE BASICS

Why Timeshare Tours Exist

The first thing we need to go over is why timeshare tours exist. Why are promoters trying to get you to see the resort to begin with, and why can’t timeshare companies promote in traditional ways.

While the internet has empowered marketers and businesses to be able to spend very little to reach a very large and specific group of people, timeshare is different. Timeshare DOES involve a sales presentation (regardless of what the person offering you the tour told you), and these presentations do cost money to host.

The timeshare tour is a vital tool in selling the concept of owning an interest in timeshare to the prospective clients. These presentations do take time, a skilled sales person, and a system in place to be able to show off the product in a concise amount of time.

Without a controlled sales presentation, the timeshare tour could last a lot longer than it already does and would not be of much use to anyone. In short, the timeshare tour exists to sell timeshare.

The PROMISE of “Free Stuff”


How Much Will “FREE” Cost You?

Timeshare marketing has benefits. Attending a tour usually involves an incentive. In some cases, you will get discounted or even FREE tickets to a show in Las Vegas on the strip, and many times the person signing you up to attend to presentation will have exactly what show you want to see, on the day you want to see it. Other free comps include free dining, gambling (table or slots), and even in some cases real full value VISA or American Express cards.

Consider these freebies a trade off. You are exchanging your time in order to get compensated with your free gifts. This is similar to car dealerships offering a free item in exchange for taking a test drive of a vehicle.

The timeshare agent (called an OPC - or “off property consultant”) will be trained to offer you freebies in exchange for your time. These are offered as in incentive for your attendance on the tour, and you will get your free gifts regardless of whether or not you purchase anything at the timeshare presentation. This is the LAW in Nevada, and no one can make you feel pressured to purchase in order to get what was promised to you.

You will have to attend the entire presentation, which will last anywhere between 90-180 minutes (and hour and a half to three hours) depending on the property you are viewing, however at the end of this time you will indeed get what you were promised when you agreed to take the tour.

Are the “Free” Gifts Really Worth it?

No, you cannot do a timeshare while drunk!

No, you cannot do a timeshare while drunk!

This question depends on the person asking the question. If you are looking to purchase tickets to an expensive show (like a Cirque du Soliel performance) and you know the cost of the tickets to be at minimum $100 each, you may be able to save anywhere between $100-$200 for a pair of tickets to that show. If the prospect of getting the show for free works for your budget, then the gifts are worth it and you may want to consider taking the tour.

The same can be said for VISA cards or cash. Some timeshare tours in Las Vegas will offer VISA cards or CASH (real money) as a gift. If the tour is 90 minutes, and you are given $100.00, a chance to rest your feet and see some vacation options, and refreshments while in the presentation, you may consider taking the tour to escape the sometimes harsh desert climate Las Vegas has in store for you.

vegas timeshare tours worth attending - robin williams plays a sleezy salesman in pink cadillac

Trust us! We only want to get you the best deal!

But Will They Try and “HARD SELL” Me?

This question depends on a number of factors. If the timeshare presentation is one of the larger in Las Vegas, there is a good chance that you will encounter higher pressure than if you attend a smaller companies presentation.

Also remember that larger companies will sometimes try and start you out at a much HIGHER starting price, meaning more room to negotiate. This takes TIME and you may encounter multiple “closers” while at the sales presentation.

These are often referred to as managers, but their sole intention is to be able to lower the price for you, and convince you to reconsider your position on the offer you were given. This means that if you are attending a large companies presentation, you may in some (but not all) cases be presented with several “managers.”

The positive here is that these are the people who can make you the best offer if you are interested in purchasing. Just do not let yourself seem too interested, or you may miss out on their absolute bottom line offer.

Smaller companies will usually have lower pressure sales presentations. This is true most of the time, but not all the time.

Remember, a small presentation that is lacking in sales can be just as high pressure as a large company who wants to impress shareholders and build another tower in Hawaii or Mexico. For a list of timeshare tours and an approximate idea of the size of the company and pressure they will exert, CLICK HERE.

How to Choose the BEST Timeshare Tour to Attend

If you visit Las Vegas and are okay with the idea of getting something free in exchange for your time, you may wonder how you can choose the best timeshare tour to attend.

When considering taking a timeshare tour, inquire about the following

  • How long is the tour? What is the minimum and maximum time you will need to set aside to attend the presentation.
  • Where is the tour located? Is the tour close to your hotel, or will you need to travel a long distance to attend.
  • Will you be transported to and from the tour? If the tour is far away, and transportation is provided, this is often times beneficial to the sales process but terrible for you, the guest. Do not let yourself be held hostage by relying on transportation back to your hotel.
  • Is the property small or large? The larger the property, the chances of a higher pressure sales presentation. Of course sometimes a smaller property can lay high pressure on you as well, which leads us to the last point.
  • Is the tour known for high pressure sales tactics? Many notorious timeshare tours exist in Las Vegas. Some tours are higher pressure than others, and you should consider and research before you sign up for a tour.


Whether or not you should attend a timeshare tour in Las Vegas will depend. Vegas timeshare tours worth attending do exist in Las Vegas, but be certain that the company you are visiting for the sales pitch is so large that they will exert super high pressure, or so small that they are desperate for a sale.

If you are looking for valuable tickets such as Circuq du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Jersey Boys, or even CASH gifts, you can indeed score big at a carefully selected Las Vegas timeshare tour. The questions you need to ask about whether or not Vegas timeshare tours are worth attending for YOU boils down to time vs potential savings, as well as the factors listed above on how to pick the very BEST timeshare tour to attend.

If you have any questions or want to contact us to help you best capitalize and take advantage of a Las Vegas timeshare tour, use the form below to CONTACT us and see if we can help you too, score big in Las Vegas and save money while on your trip.

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